Moving Technology – the new dimension of brand experience.

A revolutionary and award-winning solution creates an innovative form of experience.

Based on a unique system solution combining video technology, industrial robots and a media program, Moving Technology synchronizes technology and media content to create an inspirational highlight.

Find out about the many possibilities on our Moving Technology microsite.
In our new YouTube channel “Moving Technology by IBG” you will find many videos of previous installations.

Industrial robots are the ideal tools for the staging of eye-catching scenarios. They can be programmed individually and are available in various sizes for different payload requirements. A wide variety of visual imaging elements can be attached to their arms: LED modules, displays, projectors and screens. They enable the implementation of any kind of media projection, from videos or animation to live tracking.

The unusual dynamics of industrial robots create new visual environments and incredible images that will enthrall a wide audience.
Moving Technology can be customized to suit any content and allow all imaginable events to be staged – covering anything from intensive, high-energy shows or technically perfect and futuristic exhibition booths to intriguing dramatic performances and even permanent installations.

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